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Mcheck™ Value-Based Care

MCheck™ Value-Based Care, Achieving the Triple Aim Through Data Harmony


MCheck™ Value-Based Care (VBC) reduces data anomalies in value-based care operational workflows. It addresses errors in member attribution, benchmarking, and performance measurement. MCheck™ achieves this by using proprietary machine learning algorithms. It is a scalable and customizable product which has been deployed in both on-premise and cloud environments. Our team of experts includes physicians, technology experts and healthcare operations professionals who have identified the transition from fee-for-service to advanced payment models as the most significant development in the healthcare landscape in the United States. MCheck™ Value-Based Care is aimed at achieving the triple aim of lower cost, better health outcomes, and improved patient experience. We are continuously adding capabilities to our product including a machine-learning enabled business intelligence platform and predictive modeling to proactively identify cost drivers. These will give healthcare executives deep insight into cost, quality, and utilization performance metrics and actions that can be taken to improve performance.

To identify data errors, we needed a product like this: customizable, proactive, and effective. It has helped us avoid many production issues and our staff can devote more time and effort to enhancing our core operations.
Operations Leader A Leading health plan in the United States
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MCheck™ VBC can be deployed upstream within source data systems in healthcare operations, such as membership, providers, claims or downstream within VBC processes, such as attribution, benchmarking, and measurement or ideally in both.

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Value for Customers
Reduce cost of care

As an increased proportion of payer revenues are being attributed to value-based care arrangements, it is critical that patients are attributed to the appropriate provider(s). Our platform eliminates all attribution errors and ensures dependent processes in workflows are accurate so that payers and the entire healthcare system benefits from reduced administrative cost.

Drive member and provider engagement

Strong collaboration between payers and providers is the foundation for robust and mutually beneficial value-based care programs. By using predictive modeling, machine-learning driven business intelligence platforms and proactive data quality monitoring, our product suite for value-based care helps payers build strong relationships with providers so they feel empowered to provide the best care to their patients.

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Pre-built with healthcare ontologies based on experience and knowledge of healthcare experts
Why MCheck™ Value-Based Care

We believe our product truly addresses the need for proactive data monitoring and root cause analysis for errors in value-based care workflows. Unlike traditional tools, it captures errors which cannot simply be detected using deterministic methods. It has enabled our customers to proactively identify and fix errors with no impact to benchmarking and provider reimbursement. Our team of experts includes experienced professionals with cross-functional skills: Physicians who practice at some of the best medical institutions in the country, Data Scientists who are as adept at building machine learning models as they are at doing painstaking research into medical literature to ensure their models are valid, Technology Experts who ensure our platforms are scalable and adaptive to serve the needs of a variety of customers, Healthcare Consultants and Operations’ Professionals who provide subject matter expertise and work with customers. This combination enables us to truly consider problems from multiple perspectives and design robust solutions.

At one of the leading health plans in the United States, we identified errors which would have affected over 5% of their member population attributed under value-based care arrangements.

MCheck™ Value-Based Care to serve the needs of the individual patient

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