What-if-analysis in healthcare policy making

How do we solve this problem?

HiLabs offers the flexibility to try-out various options of HCC modeling, powerful and scalable "what-if" analysis capabilities and also an accelerator to build big data (Hadoop/Spark) based RASS for CMS Impact analysis and production advisory is offered by the what-if-analysis capability of MVisions. With this tool, users can identify average impact on RAF score (and associated dollar amount), visualize impacts, identify net scoring of HCCs and carry out impact analysis at beneficiary level.

Interactive user configurable logic

User configurable logic to define variables related to interactive diseases. For example, beneficiaries with both diabetes mellitus (HCC 15 to 19) and congestive heart failure (HCC 80) are considered for additional risk adjustment scoring

Allows users to identify multiple metrics

Average impact on RAF score and associated dollars

Visualize/drill-down RAF/dollars impact by various parameters related to beneficiaries

Net scoring of HCCs based on number of beneficiaries

Impact analysis at each beneficiary level

Disease hierarchy implementation

MVision has been customized to include data elements related to HCC coding and Risk Adjustment Modeling. Disease hierarchies address situations when multiple levels of severity for a disease, with varying levels of associated costs, have been reported for a beneficiary

Interactive Variable Configuration


Example of customized parameters while running a model for RAF scoring


Impact analysis

Pre-configured Hierarchies of HCCs


RASS Data Validation

RASS takes in data from various sources and subsequently several data transformations, HCC modeling and application of RAF scores are on the billions of records. MCheck offers a scalable and easy to maintain solution that can be easily plugged into input/output points of the overall process.

Easy data ingestion with insured security

Quick data ingestion on our MGest platform which is compatible with most of the data source systems in the industry. Data security insured through virtual or cloud systems

Let’s make an impact

We at HiLabs are making businesses better for several of the country’s health plan. We understand your needs, are flexible to customization and are ready to bring in the change through our rich experience in this industry

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