What is its unique value proposition?

The AI based tool accelerates the go-to-market plan with faster data testing. It does comprehensive testing via pattern matching data comparison between source and target but does not stop there. It takes a proactive approach to detect frauds and provides rapid root cause analysis for every data discrepancy. This not only saves the customer cost and time, but also shows the unknown errors that might have existed.

Proactive approach compared to the traditional reactive fire fighting

Today after the load, the dashboard shows discrepancies in the data counts without any drilled-down details. This not only takes up more time but adds up hidden costs

AI-based rapid root cause analysis

MCheck allows drill down of every data discrepancies hence accelerating corrective measure.
The tool identifies a targeted list of medical charts that should be reviewed, target codes for nurses/coders and automated solutions to search for in these charts

Easily configurable with other AI technologies

It can be combined with our home grown NLP based document extraction to provide a multi-pronged approach to test for data errors

MCheck Solution


Multi-Pronged Approach


Comprehensive testing between systems

Historical data from the source system and the target from a specific business area(s) are fed into MCheck to learn the inter system patterns. The test data is run through MCheck, resulting in automatic generation of inter-systems discrepancies

Finding the unknown

The few proactive data quality management solutions that do exist are generally rules-based. They can handle only those types of data quality errors that organizations are already aware of. It cannot find new or unknown scenarios of data errors

Unique and accurate AI approach

The tool identifies potential members with the highest probability of inaccurate/incomplete coding. In addition, it generates, with at least 90% confidence, a list of missing/inaccurate codes for each potential member.

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