AI-based healthcare data migration

How do we solve this problem?

Our team of healthcare technologists and doctors went through iterations for years and achieved an out-of-the-box solution, which is a combination of AI, healthcare knowledge, and customizable big data frameworks. Our solution performs comprehensive testing through pattern-based comparisons of data between source and target and accommodates transformation rules within data patterns. Our robust Pattern Learning identifies the Inter-systems gaps and helps payers drastically reduce operational costs as a result.

Comprehensive testing between systems

Historical data from the source system and the target from a specific business area(s) are fed into MCheck to learn the inter system patterns. The test data is run through MCheck, resulting in automatic generation of inter-systems discrepancies

AI-based rapid root cause analysis

MCheck allows you to drill down to every data discrepancy hence accelerating corrective measures. The solution also offers easy configuration of traditional deterministic queries to compare source and target systems.

Proactive approach to detect data migration issues

For many organizations, after the load, their current dashboard shows discrepancies in the data counts without the specific details. This not only takes up more time but adds hidden costs.

MCheck Solution


AI-based analysis of source data

AI-based analysis of source data helps organizations avoid carrying incorrect records to a new system. For example: A providers incorrect network associations is a result of unbalanced claim records and incorrect affiliations.

Easy data ingestion with insured security

Quick data ingestion on our MGest platform is important to organizations. MGest is compatible with most of the data source systems in the industry. Our data security insured through virtual or cloud systems

Let’s make an impact

At HiLabs, we are reducing exceptions for several of the country’s top health plans. We understand the needs of our customers and are flexible to customization. Our primary goal is to reduce costly errors for the healthcare industry.

About HiLabs, A cohort of experienced Engineers, Data Scientists and Physicians.

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