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HiLabs Webinar on Adhering to the No Surprises Act by Improving Provider Data

Watch HiLabs' webinar hosted through AHIP to learn practical and proven ways to improve provider directory accuracy with specific examples of success at large national health plans. Dr. Neel Butala, Co-Founder, HiLabs, Sanjay Acharya, Sr. Vice President, Strategy & Growth, HiLabs and Kuldeep Jiwani, Sr. Vice President, Data Science, HiLabs spoke at the webinar describing the importance of provider directory accuracy in context of the No Surprises Act (NSA).

    The attendees learned about -

  • The business case for provider directory accuracy and financial implications of poor data quality in the context of the NSA
  • The state of provider directories across the health insurance market nationwide nine months into NSA implementation
  • Practical and proven ways to improve provider directory quality with specific examples of successes at large national health insurers