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HiLabs Code Wizard and Hiring Challenge - Registration Open

HiLabs Hiring Challenge and Code Wizard Contest tests the mettle of experienced professionals with advanced skills in Java Full Stack and Java Big Data. We are looking for top talent to join the new Evolutionary Platform team who are striving to advance engineering excellence and technology innovation and solve complex business problems in healthcare with their skills and experience in Java based applications, Spring-boot, Spring Stack, React, JS, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks and in developing Big Data applications. HiLabs Code Wizard is a challenge open for all technologists with over five years of experience in Java UI Full Stack and Java Big Data. The top three winners get grand prizes and get a direct opportunity to be interviewed for a full-time position at HiLabs, subject to the approval of the HiLabs HR and Hiring Panel. The remaining 17 contestants receive assured prizes. Win the challenge, ace the interview and you could join our highly talented team of multidisciplinary professionals from the world's top medical schools, business schools, and engineering institutes. We at HiLabs are back to our respective offices in Pune, Bangalore (India), Bethesda, Maryland (US) with a 'Work Hard and Party Harder' attitude that builds team spirit and a vibrant culture to foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

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